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Valuation appointments during lockdown

It has been a busy time. We have been delighted to see a steady stream of great customer reviews, as we deliver Assisted Move and Part Exchange incentives for our clients.

We are rated excellent for a reason!

Moving Made EasyIt is always rewarding helping people and knowing you’ve done a good job.

Apart from the business gains, the targets, the delivery expectations it is always good to be in the old fashioned industry of helping people out!

There’s a reason we are rated as ‘Excellent!’

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Great Customer Service

Great customer service is our core value. It’s what is behind everything we do; why we started our business, how we structure our processes and how we monitor performance.

Great customer service:

  • It’s what you’ll hear in the boardroom
    its what you’ll hear on the phone
    it’s what you’ll see in our trust Pilot and Google reviews

Turbo charging your plot sales!

We are very experienced in working with House Builders to maximise plot sales.

Assisted Move and Part Exchange schemes are very popular and a great way to help your prospective buyer to see that a new home could be theirs and that the process is more manageable and less stressful than imagined.

Assisted Move – is a popular incentive to offer potential customers. The scheme capitalises on new build interest offering an easier and more guaranteed solution to selling an existing property and often pays the seller’s fees.

The scheme, which poses no financial risk to the house builder, helps get the new build purchase over-the-line and increases your chance of securing a customer. This normally results in plots being sold more quickly.

Part Exchange – a great incentive helping families, and other potential buyers, move into their new home fast by using the value of your buyer’s existing property in the purchase of the new one.

It provides them with a guaranteed buyer, the house builder, releasing them to commit to buying their new home from you. We then sell that PX home on your behalf, at full market value.

Part Exchange is an effective tool to help both parties complete with less risk and against quicker completion timescales than a traditional sale.

Free online training for your sales teams

We are well aware that many sales suites are operating at reduced capacity. We are therefore helping sales colleagues to make the most out of every appointment.

Assisted Move and Part Exchange schemes can be unfamiliar to many and explaining the features and benefits can be daunting.

We’ve been helping house builder colleagues to familiarise themselves and build confidence by delivering online training. It has been a great forum to further understand these schemes in a relaxed environment where participants can interact and pose questions which really helps their understanding. We have seen people with a new found confidence, better able to:

  • explain the benefits and opportunities right from the start
  • deliver even better customer experience
  • build trust with clients
  • create opportunity and move forward to instruction.

Here to help

We are here to help you make the most out of the current market and in current conditions.

Please do not hesitate to get in touch to find out more. We can talk you through the options and opportunities and share promotional material to help familiarise yourself with new plot sale.

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