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Are you a Housebuilder looking for ways to help your customer commit?

Would you benefit from assistance in getting your customers into a strong buying position whilst achieving fullest market value for your customers property

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Assisted Move – helping your buyer commit to buying from you

Assisted Move is a popular incentive to offer your potential customers, one that poses no financial risk to you, the housebuilder, and has the benefits of securing a buyer.

By asking Moving Made Easy to sell your buyers existing property for them, they will be in a position to buy a new home from you more quickly than if they are left to sell their property without support and without the risk of under achieving on market value in the sale of their existing home.

Assisted Move aims to, and achieve in the majority of cases, full market value offer on your customer’s property.

Risk free and quick for your customer putting them in a position to reserve with you

We sell plots more quickly by offering your customers help with finding a buyer for their existing property. The scheme is a great opportunity for Housebuilders to offer a stress-free approach to selling their customer’s home, putting them in a great position to reserve their new build home with you.

  1. Removing the stress of a move – Our Assisted Move scheme represents a great opportunity for Housebuilders to offer a stress-free approach to selling their prospects home. Putting them in a great position to reserve a new home.
  2. Solid property valuations – We put great emphasis on well-researched and accurate valuations to ensure the property is well presented to the market, to sell quickly and for maximum value.

We can help your customers secure one of your properties with our Assisted Move incentive scheme, posing no financial risk to you.

When we market your buyer’s property, we will sell it in half the average time this usually takes and achieve full market value, freeing them to move into one of your homes quicker than usual.

The importance of an accurate and realistic valuation

The approach taken to valuing your customers property will directly impact the effectiveness of the marketing and sale of the property. By focusing on arriving at an accurate, uninflated value for your customers home we in turn put the transaction in a strong marketing and sale position. Subsequently the sale is often quicker and less stressful.

Every factor that we believe could affect the valuation of your home is diligently researched. This will include a detailed investigation of the local market, a comparison of similar homes for sale, homes recently sold in the immediate area and Land Registry data.

The Property Valuation Appraisal report will make recommendations on what we believe the market value of the property is, detailing all evidence and information taken into consideration to determine the proposed figure.

Accurate Valuations

We typically achieve

99% – 102%

of the selling price

White label the service for you

We can work with your sales and marketing teams to brand our service to fit in with your priorities.

If you need to rename these services, then we can work with you to ensure they fit with the priorities of your business.

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Driving the sale forward

Once a valuation has been agreed, the team at Moving Made Easy take over the marketing, sales negotiation, and progression of every aspect of the sale of the existing property.,

We will confirm and progress every link of the chain of sales, liaising closely with buyers, estate agents and solicitors to avoid delays and deal with all AML (Anti-Money Laundering) checks.

You and your customers will be kept informed every step of the way with detailed weekly reports (click here for a sample), listing all the activity that has taken place. Closely working with the agents to avoid delays and get your property sold.

Moving Made Easy

The benefits to the housebuilder

  • Build your future sales pipeline
  • The homeowner is quickly put in a position where they can reserve a plot from you.
  • No financial risk or impact on cashflow
  • Keep control of your development buyers and keep their commitment with your development
  • We sell homes quickly, typically 50% faster than the national average* while still achieving full market value for your customer.
  • We provide a dedicated team to oversee and actively progress everything for you from start to finish.

*(stat demonstrating our performance against national average).

  • Property specialists – we are a team of specialists not generalists, and our approach to selling property means that we can hit market value or above for a property and complete in 50% quicker timescales.
  • We achieve full market value for the customers home (we typically achieve between 99% – 102% of the valued price).
  • We drive the sale of your customers existing property on your behalf.
  • We’ll handle the entire sales progression process for you.
  • Your customers home is marketed using up to three of the best performing local estate agents with no tie-in contracts.
  • MME’s comprehensive Property Valuation Appraisal accurately shows the value you can expect to get for your home and why.

Assisted Move – How It Works

Step 1: Application
Complete our simple application form with your qualified customer and send to your dedicated team at Moving Made Easy.

Step 2: Valuation
We organise up to 3 local estate agents to value your client’s property, compiling a comprehensive report, with recommendations for a competitive marketing price, sent to you within 24 hrs for discussion with your client.

Step 3: Agree marketing price
Once the marketing price has been agreed MME will instruct all agents to market the property.

Step 4: Market the property
MME manage and drive all elements of the sale, providing weekly updates to you the house builder – activity levels and offers. We will also provide weekly calls to your client.

Step 5: Offer received
We manage all offers, financially qualifying all parties to enable you to have confidence in the proceedable chain to complete your reservation. We will then issue the sales memorandum to all parties.

Step 6: Sales progression
Your dedicated Sales Progressor will drive the entire sales process from start to finish providing you with weekly progress reports.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you have any other questions, then feel free to get in touch on our web chat.

We can also drive sales progression on your behalf

Freeing up your sales teams to do what they do best

We understand that your sales teams are often busy with your customers, introducing them to your products and focusing on reserving plots. Managing the progression of your customers house sale is time consuming. We can help save time and help preserve the focus of your sales teams.

We work with Housebuilders and House buyers up and down the UK, of all sizes:

  • Driving sales progression forward on their behalf.
  • Keeping in close contact with all parties.
  • Providing reassurance and delivering completions helping sales teams to do what they do best, talk to prospective customers.

We focus on driving sales progression forward with teams of friendly experts who will:

  1. Keep in regular contact with you to provide all the reassurance and updates you and your team require.
  2. Work with all parties to drive the process forward on your behalf.
  3. Progress all links of the chain.
  4. Provide regular, accurate and relevant updates.

If you need a friendly and tenacious sales progression team, then we can help.

What type of house builders do we work with?

We work with house builders of all sizes across the UK.

From small local developers with single sites to large national brands operating sites across multiple regions.

There are no minimum application levels

We work with house builders of all sizes across the UK - Moving Made Easy

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