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Helping your sales teams to have great conversations and commit buyers

Assisted Move and Part Exchange schemes are great incentives for potential buyers. Understanding these schemes, their features, and their benefits, is therefore key.

We are aware that these schemes can be unfamiliar to some sales colleagues and that they may not feature prominently in the conversations they have with customers.

We offer FREE sales workshops for your sales teams.

FREE online workshop sessions

We offer online workshop sessions to help house builder colleagues to familiarise themselves with these incentive schemes and build confidence to enable them to have easy conversations with customers.

These have proved to be a great forum to further understand these schemes, in a light hearted, fun environment, where participants can interact and pose questions to help their understanding. We have seen people with a new-found confidence, better able to:

  • Explain the features and benefits confidently.
  • Recognise opportunities for assisted move and part exchange.
  • Improve your customer’s journey.
  • Build trust with clients.

Rest assured our workshop sessions are flexible, and can be made bespoke to the house builders requirements once they are booked.

The Benefits to the House Builder

  • Free online, or in person, workshops, one-to-one or in groups.
  • An opportunity to talk through any questions you may have concerning Assisted Move or Part Exchange.
  • Ideal for any new members of staff, or those that may just need a refresher.
  • An opportunity to help build relationships with us, Moving Made Easy, and better communication!
  • We become an extension of your sales team, helping you to secure your next sale and providing assistance to avoid you being tied down with sales progression.

Delivered in whichever format fits you best

Getting to you as quickly as possible is always our priority, we are therefore running these online training sessions in a variety of formats. Depending on requirement we can provide:<

  • Short one-to-one recaps, with individuals or in groups, who are already familiar with assisted move and part exchange but would benefit from a recap and a chance to ask questions.
  • Longer training sessions with individuals or groups, who need a little more coaching to understand these schemes and talk through the best way to introduce them to potential buyers.

We have found these quick set-up meetings to be very productive, informal, and straight to the point, equipping people with the knowledge they need to confidently offer these incentives.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes! We work with developers and house builders up and down the UK. Companies of all sizes, from small regional developers to large nationals.
By no means! We encourage people to ask any questions they feel they need to to help them. We all have different levels of experience and different points of curiosity. In our experience having a open policy to questions helps everyone to feel engaged, comfortable and confident and more often than not questions posed are relevant to a whole group, even if some don’t feel brave enough to ask.
Our training is always tailor made for you and will accommodate any attendance requirements you may have. We can run a workshop for your entire team, or ono-on-one sessions with individual members. If you are recruiting there is no need to wait fo your full team to be in place before arranging your training. We can work with your existing team and then later run a special workshop for your new members. Our focus is on helping you and your teams have the best sales conversation they can have with prospective customers. Whatever format is needed, we can help.

If you have any other questions, then feel free to get in touch on our web chat.

Free Up Your Sales Staff

We understand that your sales teams are often busy with your customers, introducing them to your products and focusing on reserving plots. Managing the progression of your customer’s house sale is time consuming. We can help save time and help preserve the focus of your sales teams.

We work with Housebuilders and House buyers up and down the UK, of all sizes:

  • Driving sales progression forward on their behalf.
  • Keeping in close contact with all parties.
  • Providing reassurance and delivering completions helping sales teams to do what they do best, talk to prospective customers.

We focus on driving sales progression forward with teams of friendly experts who will:

  1. Keep in regular contact with you to provide all the reassurance and updates you and your team require.
  2. Work with all parties to drive the process forward on your behalf.
  3. Progress all links of the chain.
  4. Provide regular, accurate and relevant updates.

If you need a friendly and tenacious sales progression team, then we can help.

What type of house builders do we work with?

We work with house builders of all sizes across the UK.

From small local developers with single sites to large national brands operating sites across multiple regions.

There are no minimum application levels

We work with house builders of all sizes across the UK - Moving Made Easy

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We’ll talk you through the options and opportunities to commit your prospective buyers to your new build plots.

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