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Why sales progression is important for your customer and for you

Sales progression is of course important to your customer. The process of selling a home is emotional and can be stressful. People need to be kept informed on the progress of the transaction and any problems that may arise. They need to feel that everything is being done to progress the sale proactively and that those involved have the expertise, relationship management skills and organisational skills to iron out any problems that may arise.

The most important part of sales progression is good contact between the buyer, the seller and the solicitors, as well as other parties such as mortgage brokers and surveyors.

Clear statements of the help you will give, how you will assist your customer, how you will remove the stress of the selling situation will differentiate you from your competition. It removes barriers of worry and anxiety that can put off your potential customer from reserving with you.

Sales negotiators don’t like sales progression!

They are good at selling, whereas sales progressors need to be meticulous record keepers and have in depth knowledge of conveyancing and property financing. On the other hand, they need to have the same people skills as negotiators.

Sales progressors need to understand the whole chain managing the whole chain and deal with any third parties involved – mortgage brokers, surveyors, local authorities, management companies, buyers, sellers, housebuilders and sometimes more.

Secure your sale!

As a housebuilder, you will know only too well that if the sale doesn’t complete, you don’t get paid, so it really is in your best interest to keep the sale moving forward as much as you can. Effective sales progression can help you to convert as many sales in your pipeline as possible and boost your bottom line, meaning you can reap the rewards much sooner.

A Company You Can Trust

We’re rated five stars on Trustpilot for a reason! We are proud of the customer service focus that underpins all our work and grateful for the positive feedback we continue to receive from our client’s customers during what can be a complicated, multi-stage process and an anxious time for many.

Why you need great sales progression

The fraught nature of the sales process means that good sales progression is a thing clients will remember long after they’ve forgotten how many viewings they had or exactly how much commission they paid. It’s a chance to really show hw much you can help your customers.

The approach taken during this stage will make an indelible impression on your prospective customer. Any lapses in expertise, proactivity and communication will be quickly picked up, remembered and reflected by your customer.

Ensuring that sales progression reflects your business, your brand and drives the sale for your own returns is essential. It can’t be an add on responsibility to already busy teams.

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The benefits to the housebuilder

Time saving – releasing your team to concentrate on their next sale rather than get embroiled in time consuming sales progression work.

Sales progression is a differentiator – where the industry has seen patchy performance, and where the democracy of the internet means that we can all share our views and reviews in the full glare of all. Sales progression is often remembered long after completion.

Customer care – it’s another opportunity to show the values of your company, to demonstrate you understand how stressful the process can be and what you have in place to help your customer. Something forth to congratulate you on and share with others.

Dedicated sales progressor – we will allocate you with a dedicated sales progressor who will work for your customer to drive the progression of the sale. As well as providing you with weekly marketing and sales progression updates your sales progressor will be on hand over the phone to ensure your customer feels aware of progress at any given time and has a person to talk to and ask questions of.

Demonstrating how you reduce the risk of a sale falling through – dedicated, expert sales progression is a great way of showing to your customers how you will help them through the process and in turn why choose you over competitors. It’s another chance to show the values of your company.

Brand opportunity – a way to demonstrate your approach to the customer and seed good stories and comments from them that will undoubtedly share with others.

Why do house sales breakdown?

Almost quarter of all property purchases fall through [source: Which?] for various reasons:

1. Mortgage problems – these can easily put a sale in jeopardy. Down valuations, where a lender values a property at less than a buyer has agreed to pay, cause problems requiring a buyer to renegotiate the price with the seller or try to find extra cash to make up the shortfall. Another problem is the mortgage falling through – an offer may have expired or there may have been a change of circumstances – meaning that the original borrowing amount is no longer valid.

2. Chain breaks – since the chain involves a string of linked and dependent transactions, they are somewhat vulnerable. One sale collapsing can spell disaster for the whole chain leaving it broken and many people out of pocket.

3. Problems uncovered by a home survey – home surveys can uncover a whole range of problems with a property from minor cosmetic issues to major structural problems.

4. Gazumping – this occurs when a seller accepts a higher offer from someone else after they have already agreed a sale.

5. Conveyancing delays – this can result in sales falling through as buyers lose patience or consider alternatives. The legal practicalities of buying a house can take some time – either due to delays in documentation arriving, slow local authority searches or an unresponsive conveyancer elsewhere in the chain.

Frequently Asked Questions

Questions asked by house builders

From the many workshops we have run with developer’s sales team it has become clear that, in the majority of cases, they want to concentrate on generating sales. Sales progression is therefore often seen as time consuming and a barrier to spending time on their core role. Outsourcing sales progression to a specialist provider releases your sales team to concentrate on sales whilst ensuring your customers get the best customer service at an often anxious time. It’s a win win!.
We will handle the whole process from the moment of application to final completion. We keep you informed every week, by regular reports and catch up calls. You can leave it all to us and be confident that the process is being driven forward.

We drive the progression of a sale. The completion of many elements sit with third parties; local authorities, management companies, search providers and surveyors. Rather than leave progress in the hands of busy solicitors we liaise directly to proactively drive the process forward and ensure your case is top of the pile!

Questions homeowners often ask

Before becoming committed to buying a property you need to know as much as possible about it. Especially anything that may affect its future value or your enjoyment of it. These are enquires made on your behalf by your solicitor / licensed conveyancer to various authorities that hold information about your property, the land it sits on or factors that may directly (or indirectly) effect it.

8 of the main searches that are often carried out are:

1. Local authority search (LAS) –  This search finds out information on any nearby road schemes, contaminations, or planning works as well as several smaller searches.

2. Planning search – Planning searches look for details of any existing planning consents or planning applications within a 250-metre radius of a property.

3. Drainage and water search – This search is to find out where all the drainage systems are around a property and show if these are at risk of affecting the property in the future.

4. Environmental search – These look at issues such as flood risk, subsidence risk, previous uses of land and cover you for environmental issues within 500 metres of the house.

5. Flood risk search – If the property you want to buy is near to water. For example; a river, lake, reservoir or coastline, then this search will reveal how high the risk of flooding is in the area.

6. Coal mining and mining searches – Old tunnels may run beneath a property. This is common if it is in an area that was once used for coal, brine or salt mining. These old tunnels can put a property at risk of subsidence. So it’s really important to know what lies beneath a property before buying.

7. Chancel repair search – Most people don’t even know that certain properties have a liability to the local parish for church for repairs, so this search will check that out. It usually depends on the historic standing of the property and the parish itself. You can generally buy insurance to cover you for any such future bills.

8. Land registry pre-completion search – This search will reveal if the individual selling the property is the legitimate owner of the property and if any bankruptcy has taken place. It ensures that the property is legally safe to buy.

Part exchange for houses works very similar to car part exchange, the current occupier of a property agrees a price to sell their home to the developer so the occupier can purchase a new build plot.

Moving Made Easy are then instructed to sell the property on the developers behalf and therefore liaise with yourself and the developers to conclude exchange of contracts within the required timescales.

This can often mean that whilst you are purchasing the part exchange property from the developer, they will likely be in the process of purchasing the property from the current occupier, this happens simultaneously and exchange will take place after the developers have satisfied all points on their purchase.

With majority of our Assisted Move and Part Exchange sales, the onward plot completion can be some time in the future. Despite the delayed completion we will be working to exchange within 28 days of receipt of contracts and therefore you will be required to exchange on notice.

‘Exchanging on notice’ means no fixed date will be given at the point of exchange, adequate notice (usually 10 working days) will be provided prior to the completion date, notice will be served once the onward plot has been signed off and met CML (Council of Mortgage Lenders) requirements.

Throughout the process we will liaise with the developers and keep all parties updated on the build progress and where possible any anticipated dates for completion.

If you pay service charges for managed areas you will have a management company and will therefore need a management pack.

If you have any other questions, then feel free to get in touch on our web chat.

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