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Delivering great customer service, customer service that is reliable, helpful, agile and proactive, is what we strive to do and is at the heart of who we are as an independent company.

It is therefore always really good to hear, not only a great outcome for our customer, but that their experience of the process was such that they were delighted enough to get in touch with us.

A glowing review

Please read their glowing review below (reproduced with the customer’s full permission).

Oliver helped us in relation to a very protracted sale and purchase.

My wife and I decided weeks ago that we would provide positive feedback regarding Oli, even if the whole thing collapsed, which we often thought it would. So this isn’t just artificial feedback from people who had a good result.

We were helped a lot by others at Moving Made Easy ahead of Oli, but Oli went beyond what we are used to in terms of customer service (in any situation).

A good example of this is just how well he kept us informed. Usually, he had made extensive enquiries which meant he was weeks ahead of even our own solicitor. He would always get back to me the same day, and if he said he’d call, he’d call. I couldn’t say the same for other organisations involved in the transaction.

He even said he would let us know any news on his days off, which he did. Even as we drove to our new home, Oli kept us updated on a very fraught simultaneous exchange and completion.

We faced quite a challenging buyer, who at one point tried to get thousands reduced due to the coronavirus. We therefore had a few weeks of serious anxiety at an already difficult time, and it really felt that Oli was the only person helping us. He was dealing directly with the difficult buyer, and even challenged him to evidence some of his assertions (a probably untrue claim that his lender required the price drop).

Oli has a really friendly yet professional manner. From my experience with him, he always stays calm despite needing to deal with tricky situations. I imagine he had quite a case load beyond our case, but we never felt neglected.

I don’t usually provide feedback like this but as stated we really feel that Oli’s work here should be recognised. I doubt we’ll ever cross paths again due to the specialised role your organisation performs, but I know I’d miss Oli’s assistance whenever we next move!

Working with House builders

Assisted Move and Part Exchange schemes have been very popular during this time, providing buyers with incentives and options to enable them to secure their dream new home.

A recap on Assisted Move

Assisted Move is a popular incentive to offer potential customers. The scheme capitalises on new build interest offering an easier and more guaranteed solution to selling an existing property and often pays the seller’s fees.

The scheme, which poses no financial risk to the house builder, helps get the new build purchase over-the-line and increases your chance of securing a customer. This normally results in plots being sold more quickly.

What is Part Exchange?

Offering Part Exchange is a great incentive in helping families, and potential buyers, move into your new home fast by using the value of your buyer’s existing property in the purchase of the new one

Part Exchange enables the buyer to trade their home as part payment for your new build property. This enables your buyers to avoid the worry of needing to quickly find a buyer and hoping their chain stays together. It also allows them to avoid Estate Agent fees. As such Part Exchange is an effective tool to help both parties complete with less risk and quicker completion than a traditional sale.

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