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Are you looking for ways to commit your dependent buyers to one of your new build plots?

Are you looking for a quicker way to get prospective buyers into your homes?

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As a housebuilder we recognise that your priorities will probably look something like this:

  • Creating fantastic homes for your customers.
  • Making customers dreams of owning a new build home, become a reality.
  • Helping customers overcome any barriers that they may face with the sale of their existing home.
  • Completing sales to drive revenue.

We work with house builders, big and small, up and down the UK, providing incentive schemes that are attractive, relevant and helpful to their customers. Schemes that overcome barriers, attract interest and complete plot deals.

Incentive schemes to help book plot sales

Owning a new build home can be a dream for many and often one which they feel is out of reach. Additionally, for many, the thought of a potentially stressful move is enough for them to put any moving plans they might have on hold.

That’s why we operate a number of incentive schemes and approaches that help to demonstrate to your customers that:

  1. A new build home is attainable.
  2. That moving home doesn’t need to be as stressful, leave that to us!

Making it easy for your customers

Assisted Move and Part Exchange schemes

Our Assisted Move and Part Exchange schemes are very popular and provide a stress-free solution for home movers. They are a great way to help your prospective buyer see that a new home could be theirs and that the process is more manageable and less complicated than first imagined.

These schemes enable you to take the anxiety out of the selling process by managing the sale of your customers home, whilst achieving market value for their second-hand home. In doing so you, provide a great route for your potential customers to buy their new build home.

Our Assisted Move and Part Exchange schemes have been created to reduce barriers to plot reservations by providing a mechanism for the sale of your customer’s property putting them in a strong position to commit with you.

It’s a win-win!.

Assisted Move

Capitalising on new build interest offering an easier and more guaranteed solution to selling an existing property and often pays the seller’s fees (or a contribution).

The scheme poses no financial risk to the house builder, helping prospective customers secure a buyer for their home quickly, enabling them to reserve your plot. This should result in:

• Your customer committing to your site.

• Quicker plot sales (with Moving Made Easy selling properties 50% quicker than the national average).

Part Exchange

Providing your customer with a guaranteed purchaser for their home.

A great incentive helping families, and other potential buyers, by providing them with a guaranteed buyer, at full market value, with the benefit of being able to remain in their current home until their new home is ready!.

A perfect solution for generating instant plot reservations. Great for you, and great for them!

We then take responsibility for selling that PX property on your behalf, at full market value. Another win-win!

Benefits for Housebuilders

  • Providing you with a way of committing your buyer and generating plot reservations.
  • Employing industry leading software to provide the best customer experience for your customers.
  • We sell your customers home promptly and for the best possible price.
  • Putting your customer in a position to reserve with you.
  • Take the stress out of your customers house sale.
  • We provide you and your buyer with a dedicated team of experienced professionals at every stage = getting things done, quickly and managing anything that crops up.
  • Free up your sales team to do what they do best.
  • Driving plot sales on your behalf, picking up the strain, taking on the laborious process of sales progression.
  • Keeping you and your customer informed at every step of the way from sale right through to completion, with detailed weekly updates.
  • Our focus on customer service ensures we get things done and reassure your customers (see our Trust Pilot reviews here)
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Frequently Asked Questions

If you have any other questions, then feel free to get in touch on our web chat.

We can also drive sales progression on your behalf

Freeing up your sales teams to do what they do best

We understand that your sales teams are often busy with your customers, introducing them to your products and focusing on reserving plots. Managing the progression of your customers house sale is time consuming. We can help save time and help preserve the focus of your sales teams.

We work with Housebuilders and House buyers up and down the UK, of all sizes:

  • Driving sales progression forward on their behalf.
  • Keeping in close contact with all parties.
  • Providing reassurance and delivering completions helping sales teams to do what they do best, talk to prospective customers.

We focus on driving sales progression forward with teams of friendly experts who will:

  1. Keep in regular contact with you to provide all the reassurance and updates you and your team require.
  2. Work with all parties to drive the process forward on your behalf.
  3. Progress all links of the chain.
  4. Provide regular, accurate and relevant updates.

If you need a friendly and tenacious sales progression team, then we can help.

What type of house builders do we work with?

We work with house builders of all sizes across the UK.

From small local developers with single sites to large national brands operating sites across multiple regions.

There are no minimum application levels.

We work with house builders of all sizes across the UK - Moving Made Easy

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